Sunday, December 6, 2015


Explorers traveled using the stars at night and the ocean currents to explore the world.  It was sailors and their ships who extended knowledge and opened up the world.

Ships were the workhorse of their day taking people, supplies, mail, etc across the world.  They were used in war, as floating hospitals, by privateers, by the rich.

Why am I starting out with ships?  I have a picture of a sailing ship that reminded me of one you might see a long time ago. Perhaps it was used for whaling or bringing the missionaries to their post.  I took the picture with my digital camera and ran it through iPhoto and changed it to a black and white to give the feeling that the picture was taken a very long time ago.  It was actually taken last summer.

I have an app on my iPad that allows me to take photos and change them so they look l like etchings.  In addition, I can color the lines so they are in blue, purple, red, or any other color.  There are apps to make the photos look more like cartoons or make them kind of cartoon like, add text, apply all sorts of filters, and so much more.

I know people who love applying apps to create works of photographic art.  Personally, I've never been into changing photos so they are more artwork than pictures but I've reached a point where I need to learn.  I download these apps because they appear on Appsgonefree but I never seem to have the time to play with them.

I need to go through and check out the photo apps I have so I can see which ones will do the job I want so I can process certain photos on the iPad rather than moving them over to the computer.  I guess I'm either a bit behind the times or just taking my time.

I am mostly interested in

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