Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dog, Logo, GuidedI met this wonderful young lady on my travels through Alaska.  She is just 18.  She suffers from Retina Pegmontoses.  She has slowly been going blind since she was about 5 years old.  Although her life has been short, she is determined to finish high school (she is in the 11th grade).  She wants to travel to places she has only heard of before she looses the ability to see. 

Her mother died about 5 years ago and she is being raised by her grandmother.  Although she is still able to read books and papers using adaptive technology or material that has been blown up multiple times, she is learning braille at the same time as learning to navigate using a white cane.  She has a wicked sense of humor and never gives up. 

She is even learning life skills such as cooking and cleaning so she can stay as independent as she can.  She does not want to give in to her disease.  She has a dream she wants to make come true before she goes blind.  She wants to visit America.  She has never been outside the state of Alaska and wants to see the United States while she is able to enjoy it fully.

Rather than wait for someone else to make her dreams come true, she has set up a gofundme  account to raise the money so she can visit Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles.  She wants to see the National Parks between Seattle and Los Angeles.  She has a dream to visit Disneyland.  I suspect she’d enjoy Knoxberry Farm, The Labrea Tarpits, and even 6 Flags. 

If she can get enough money, she’d love to continue her trip back east and visit Washington D.C. and Florida.  Just think what fun she could have going to Disneyland and Disney World.  Unfortunately, due to her sight, she cannot drive and would have to use public transportation to get from place to place.  She'd also have to stay in hotels while visiting the places of her dreams.

Having met her, I know her dreams will come true but I hope people help realize her dreams sooner so that she is able to see all those places many of us take for granted.

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