Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wearable Electronic Clothing

Smart Watch, Apple, Technology, Style If you are not familiar with this topic yet, wearable electronics is adding circuits, lights, etc so your clothing can blink, shine, and do neat things.  You turn your clothing into an electronics display.  Wearable technology can also apply to watches and other devices but I think the focus on clothing is more fun..

It is amazing how small electronic components have become.  I have not gotten to the point I can make a dress that can have moving or spinning lights.  I'm still at the stage of learning to solder.  

However, there are kits to help anyone start the process of creating wearable electronics.

1. Adafruit is a company that has lots of kits and pieces to turn your fashions into something my dynamic.  They offer two sew-able micro controllers, conductive material, batteries, and everything you need to create your masterpiece.  What I like best about this place is they have videos and lessons so you can learn.  I saw a beautiful pixie skirt  with instructions and a picture of a finished project.  I just wish I had way more time to play around and create things like this.  Yummmmmmm.

2.  talk2myshirt has some wonderful information on how wearable technology is used out in the real world.   One article was the use of wearable technology in healthcare.  The author wrote about an EEG shirt which has the leads and patches ready to be attached to the machines.  Cool. 

3.  There are even companies creating Smart Clothing for a variety of industries such as health care or fitness.  If you check out this webpage, you will learn more about what is happening in that field.  This is web site is associated with a conference for wearable technology and has a bunch of examples of what is under development. 

I think I"m going to blow my budget and try to make some wearable electronic clothing after I learn my Raspberry Pi.

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