Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Hate Small Airlines.

Natural, Yellow, Airplane  I really hate traveling in the winter and dealing with tiny airlines.  I was supposed to fly out Friday on a charter but a blizzard hit, canceling every flight in and out.  I can just hear you trying to figure out why that would happen!

Think of it in these terms.  The airplanes are small Navajo Caravans only seat 6 to 9 passengers comfortably and they do not fly when its too windy, icy, snowy, or foggy.  These conditions happen quite a bit in winter.

Anyway, due to the nasty weather yesterday, I had to re-book my flight and the charter was also rebooked for this morning.  That was when the problem occurred.  The airline decided to turn the charter into a regular flight and hit every village in the area before heading into the town where I would get on my connecting flight. 

What it meant is the 10 AM flight finally arrived at 11 AM and then hit one more place before heading into town.  I got to my connecting airline just in time to check in before the cut off.  If the plane had been any later, I wouldn't have made it at all.  What made it bad was the airline tried to charge us the regular fair which was $25 higher than the charter flight.

I did make it onto the flight that took us into Anchorage, AK.  It was a very full flight and just short enough  that the stewardesses could not offer refreshments to anyone in Row 25 and back.  I was in row 27, so I didn't get anything to eat or drink.  I will say the stewardesses did apologize profusely. 

I am glad there is a second airline that services the area or I'd be out of luck.  I prefer the other airline but they are just as bad when it comes to charter flights.  When dealing with a small airline, they will book charters but the charters are sent out when its convenient, not always when booked.  This is the third time I've tried going on a charter and its the second time the company messed up fully.

I think I'm going to stick with the regular flights since those seem to fly when scheduled and have a better record than the charters.


  1. Hi Lee,
    I drive to San Francisco from Los Angeles and cruise to Alaska from there, so I don't need to worry about air fare.

  2. True. Usually the tours of Alaska do not take you off the road or water system where you have to travel by the dinky planes. It is quite an experience. Thank you for commenting on my blog.