Monday, December 21, 2015

I Love This Time Of Year

Handbag, Bag, Shopping, Carrying  I love this time of year with all its bargains.  Most of the shopping I do right now is done via online stores.  I keep getting e-mails telling me about wonderful last minute opportunities and great shipping rates.  I've found that some stores will offer free shipping to Alaska when they normally charge an extra fee.  Sometimes, they will even provide expedited shipping for free so you can wait till the last minute to shop. 

For instance, I just got a lovely e-mail telling me the more I shop, the more I save but when I looked at the whole picture, it turns out they are really only giving you 10% off.  So if you spend $100, they will take $10 off the total while if you spend $400, there will be a $40 discount.  I've already gotten my order taken care of from them and honestly, I did better during the after Thanksgiving cyber sales.

Another chain offered me 50% off everything in the store but if I wanted to order offline, they would provide free holiday shipping.  Since I'm traveling, I might actually find a store to visit to take advantage of the 50% off coupon.  I've gotten e-mails from beauty stores, shoe stores, vitamin stores, and more with spectacular deals in a flurry to get me to spend money.

Even some of the magazines I enjoy have sent offers which claim to be the lowest price of the year.  I received a magazine offer which was the regular price but which offered a free subscription of the magazine sent to anyone I chose.  That one I took up so that I could donate the subscription to the local library.  My local library has a budget crunch and this is a way for them to have more magazines for the community.  Just to let you know, its a create electronics type magazine.

Most magazines offer really nice gift rates at this time of year. Why not pay a few dollars to donate a subscription of a magazine you enjoy to the library if they don't have it already so there are more choices for library patrons?

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