Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not Your Usual Ice Cream

Have you ever made ice cream at home from scratch?  I have. I've made it without milk, eggs, or even ice.  I know you are sitting there scratching your head.  Ice cream?  Without milk or eggs?

Yes but its referred to as Eskimo Ice Cream.  I don't know how it developed or where the name came from.  I do know its been made for many, many decades.  Each family has its own special recipe.  A few use a cooked flour/water base but I hate that one because it tastes like fruit flavored paste.

The recipe is not given with exact measurements because people out here cook by eye.  They just know how much to add.  It is really not that hard to make and it does not require anything more than a bowl and a mixer.

All recipes I've seen made or tasted start with shortening.  Most people use plain Crisco but I've heard of people using lard or other type of fat.  Mix the shortening with water using a mixer until it is light and fluffy.  The best looks light enough to have bubbles in it.  If you take time to add mashed potatoes to the mix at this point, it will cut down on the greasy taste and make it better.  The mashed potatoes can be fresh or instant, it doesn't matter but be sure to whip it up so its light and fluffy again.  This is the key to making the best Aqutuk, keep it light and fluffy.

You are almost done.  Two steps left.  Add sugar to taste and use the mixer to whip it up so the sugar is totally dissolved and light and fluffy.  The final step involves adding fruit to the mix which can be stirred in.  If you use frozen fruit, let it half thaw before adding to the mix.  The liquid will cause the mix to turn colors.  If you use canned fruit, drain the liquid out before adding.  If the fruit is fresh, just add it.

A good mix is blueberry, raspberry and blackberries.  Then again, strawberries with raisins can be quite good. If you'd like a real change of pace, chop up some steamed greens and use instead of fruit.  You could also try flaked fish if you like but make sure you have gotten all the bones you can out of it.  Yes, I've had all the above variations and enjoyed each and everyone.

If you are wondering why I've included a recipe today, its because the power went off so many times yesterday that my neighbor's freezer went crazy and the ice cream she had stored there melted.  It melted all over the place.  This type will never melt.

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