Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Big Foot

Lion, Cub, Foot, Pads, Paw, Cat, Big Cat  Big foot or Sasquatch is a famous but elusive creature.  A creature who is said to be real by some and mythical by others.  The idea of big foot is not only alive in the States but in Australia where he is referred to as the Yowie Man.

There are sightings in Alaska where he's called "The Hairy Man, Kushtaka, or Nant'ina"  There are tons of reports from across time reporting his presence but always from afar.

Why am I writing about big foot?  Well, today at lunch one of the guys was telling us that the police called him around 2 AM to tell him they had spotted big foot standing across the river from the bluffs.  They swear it made a crying noise and disappeared across the tundra.

One of the ladies said she had called Public Safety but no one answered.  She said they must have been busy chasing big foot.  Another guy said he saw big foot a few months ago.  It picked up a big dog in one arm while it held a smaller one by the scruff of its neck and carried both off to the tundra. He said it was dead silent.  None of the dogs even barked and the dogs here are notorious for never being quiet.

Big foot is such a huge topic out here that the local weekly newspaper prints regular reports of big foot sightings.  Sometimes, the newspaper will reprint stories, especially when they receive sighting reports.

Tomorrow, I'll chat about the little people.  Not all of them are from Ireland......LOL

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