Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Airports on the Way To Burbank.

I've included a few pictures of some of the things I found interesting at various airports on the way down.  By the time you read this, I will be finishing up my packing so I can head out again to Iceland and Helsinki Finland.  I will post pictures of my travels and a bit about the conference I'll be at. 
 This trip started out in Fairbanks.  The picture is of a display of items from the local Air Museum.  The Uniform is from Weir Airlines which eventually became a part of Alaska Airlines.

There are posters talking about some of the early air pioneers who began flying to Alaska back in the teens and twenties.  If you talk to people you'll find the current library is where one of the early airports was.  I think it was the one before the current one.

Johannson  Parkway runs through the old private airport but when that went out of business, Giest was extended so people had a direct path across town.

Its over near Gate 2 and is next to a book stand filled with books you can read while waiting for the planes.
 This is a shot taken looking down the hall from Gate 2 in the Fairbanks Airport.  There are a total of 6 or 7 gates so it is not a big airport.  About half way down is security and the two restaurants, along with the only store. 

I am probably sitting in front of the display from the last picture.  I love the beautiful wooden floors.  They rebuilt this a few years ago and its about the same size as the previous building.

 I did not take any pictures of the Sea-Tac Airport because I've shared so many photos this summer.  This is taken at the San Jose Airport where I had a short stop on my way to Burbank.

It is quite impressive with its soaring curved ceilings, marble walkways and open feel.  I never got out of the area because I was tired after flying all night. 

This shot was taken near my gate as I strolled back from the restroom.  I love exploring airports and it gives me a chance to stretch my legs.
 On my way to the bathroom, I came across this robotic creature.  It was not working quite right because just before I snapped this picture, the printing on the screen showed it needed to be rebooted. 

I think it is there to provide answers and show people things about the airport.  I have never seen a robot like this wandering around any airport.

As you can see from the picture, that day, it was near the Peets Coffee and Tea stand, down near gate 25.  There were quite a few people but it was not heavy.

Side View of Robot.
I traveled with someone, so they watched my luggage while I strolled around the area, looking for unique things.

This is the side view of the robot who may be female based on the fact it has a skirt which hides the wheels underneath.

I love the beautiful green and white outfit it has on. 

 This children's play ground continued the robotic modernistic theme.  As I walked buy, there were children having a wonderful time playing inside the area with parents perched.

It does not have a huge gate, so the children just climb over and in.  Notice it has a couple of small robots inside.  To the right is a board with all the information about the area.

This is the outside of the Bob Hope Airport which serves Burbank and Hollywood.  I went to my conference in Woodland Hills and use this airport because it is much smaller than LAX and a bit closer to my hotel.

I refuse to rent a car in Los Angeles because I'd rather rubber neck than drive.  Yes, I can and have driven there but I still prefer just relaxing.

I have been going to this particular event since the first time it was held so many years ago.  It has grown bigger and become more well known.

I hope you enjoyed this.  I hope to start sharing pictures tomorrow of part of my trip as I fly to Iceland.  Let me know what you think.  Have a great day.

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