Friday, September 1, 2017

9 Ways to Keep Hands Soft In Winter.

China, Changbai Mountain, Winter  I realize for most people, the idea of looking for ways to keep your hands soft in winter is still too early but here in Alaska, the temperatures are dropping and plants show frost in the morning.

Most years, we don't get snow until October, it sometimes comes in September. Even if its not snowing, it can be quite cold so I start looking at ways to keep my hands soft during the winter.

So here is a collection of suggestions designed to eliminate super dry hands.

1.  Wash your hands less because soap, even moisturizing soap can be drying.  I usually end up washing hands in hot water but I use lots of heavy duty moisturizers to keep my hands softer.  If you do wash hands use warm, not hot water.

2. Increase your Omega - 3 intake through the use of supplements.  I use Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals as recommended by my eye doctor of all people.  He suggested increasing it to two tablets over the winter.

3.  Add baking soda in your wash water because it neutralizes the acids from the foods which can dry out your hands.  What works better is to wear gloves to protect your hands.  It has been suggested you put some oil on your hands before putting them in the gloves to add moisture to your hands.

4. Wear gloves, hat, and scarf when going out into the cold to protect your skin from its drying effects. 

5.  Run a humidifier during the winter so as to replace the moisture lost due to most heating systems.  The best place to run a humidifier is in your bedroom where you sleep.

6.  Don't forget to continue drinking water during the winter.  Its too easy to replace glasses of water with hot tea or chocolate.  I often heat water and flavor it with a bit of lemon juice.  I still get the moisture but I get the hot drink at the same time. 

7.  Remember to exfoliate your skin during the winter.  By getting rid of dead skin cells, it makes it easier for the skin to be moisturized.

8. Look at using a good body butter, hand cream, olive oil, or coconut oil to keep hands soft.  I keep lots of coconut oil around because it keeps my hair in good shape over the winter.

9.  Here in the village, everyone takes a steam which is where they heat the rocks on top of the stove, then spill water so a huge flash of steam fills the room.  We stay there until we can no longer stand it before running out to the changing room where we sit, talk, and drink water until cool.  We return to the hot room and repeat the process until the room and stones have cooled.  At this point,you wash, exfoliate, clean your hair, and apply oils all over your body including hands.  By the time I'm done, my skin and hands are so soft and nice.

I hope these ideas help you keep your hands soft.  I prefer soft hands to having crocodile hands.  Have a good day.

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