Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Retirement Yes or No

Fishing, Sunset, British Columbia  Last night, I spoke with a lady who talked about retirement.  Hers.  Maybe.  What she said is that she is eligible to retire but isn't sure she wants to.  She said she goes back and forth.  The biggest thing holding her back is her lack of hobbies.

Apparently, she works long hours and goes home to sleep.  She doesn't do much else.  I am shocked because most people I know have hobbies.

I pointed out retirement is for exploring things you haven't had time to explore during the rest of your life.  You can write the great American novel you've had in the back of your mind since you were 20. You could start that business you've always wanted to own.

In regard to starting your own business, there is information on the internet, including who to talk to who offers free or low cost information.  There are short business classes you can take to help you write a business plan, start the actual business, etc either on line or locally.  There is a place I take classes, I mention a bit later and they do have some business classes.

If you want to learn new things, search the internet for free classes.  I've taken two from Future Learn for free.  I'd have to pay if I want a certificate but I don't need a certificate.  There are other places you can go to take free classes to learn a new skill on the internet.  I'm getting ready to find a German Language class so I can learn a bit of German before I go there next summer.

There are also classes for a fee at craft stores, hardware stores, yarn shops, etc.  You can also check YouTube for videos showing how to do something.  I learned to cast on stitches for knitting by watching a knitting video.  I have a set of beading videos I plan to use so I can make jewelry. 

The coolest thing I see about retirement is most colleges offer much lower tuition for taking classes if you are over 62.  I know someone who signed up at the local university to take a beginning level German class for only the fees and books so it was about $300.

The thing about retirement is you have more time to visit the places you've always wanted to visit.  You can take advantage of off season rates, sales on airfares or cruises.  You have fewer time constraints.

The thing about retiring is you have to plan ahead so you will stay busy.  All the people I retired who quit doing things, died young.  Those who kept busy with learning and small businesses have lived a lot longer.  I saw a study that said if you keep learning, your brain stays healthier and if you do get Alzheimer you are less likely to show it because you are exercising your brain.

I have a long list of things I plan to do when I retire.  I expect the list will keep me busy for the rest of my life.

Let me know what you think.

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