Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Best Items to Put in Your Carry On For Travel.

Waiting Area, Luggage, Bag, Travel  It is much harder to travel in the winter.  Flights are cancelled due to major storms blanketing multiple states at once.  In Alaska, weather can change in a moment and you end up grounded for anywhere from one to several days.  The longest, I've been stuck is 5 days.

Over the years, I've started carrying certain things in my carry-on so if I get stuck, I am prepared. It is a good thing to carry things with you just in case. When you are headed out to the bush, you leave your luggage at the airlines overnight, grab your carry-on and head out.

I do not worry about shampoo or conditioner because hotels generally supply enough to use if needed. 

I usually carry a toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, travel size face cleaner, travel sized sunscreen number 50 for my personal items. In addition, I throw in two pair of underwear, two bras, two pair of socks, and a clean shirt.  I don't worry about a second shirt because I can wash the first one in the sink and hang it up to dry.  I can help the drying process by using the blow dryer or iron.

The rest of my carry on has a few tea bags because I am a tea drinker and no all hotel rooms provide tea.  They usually provide coffee but not tea.  Furthermore, the coffee maker has coffee oils all over it and you cannot make tea with that water but places sometimes have hot water in the lobby.  I hate Lipton so that's another reason for bringing my own tea.

The last few items I toss in my carry-on include a couple of tablets, cords, power strip with both plugs and USB ports because most rooms do not have enough plugs for my mobile devices.  I find its easier to bring my own.  In addition, a friend gave me a USB plug with three cords on it that fit my phone, a couple of tablets and my iPod.  You will find a couple of pens, my identification, money, and something to write in.

It is recommended you do not pack your coat, sweatshirt, or sweater in your carry-on.  Just carry them with you when you board and shove them under the seat in front of you because most airlines do not count these as luggage.  I've carried a huge winter coat on with my carry-ons.  Made it easier.

According to most articles I've read on the subject, I'm packing exactly what I should except the articles recommend you throw in your medicine.  I don't take any, so I do not bother with it but I have a friend who has to take medications and he keeps them in one of those 7 day containers with both an AM and PM section.  He says this way, he can take enough medication for 14 days.

Occasionally, I throw in sandals if I am flying from Alaska to a much warmer climate in the middle of winter.  My carry-on has a nice pocket they fit in, otherwise I throw in tennis shoes to wear rather than my winter boots.

I can actually take everything I need for two weeks in my carry-on but I don't always because I plan to stop in Anchorage on my way home to pick up some great fruits and vegetables so I have a suitcase to haul them in.  You never go into town without bringing fresh stuff back.

I hope this helps you when you think about traveling.  I'd love to hear what you think.  Let me know.

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