Thursday, January 4, 2018

Waterfalls, Lakes, and Beauty.

I've been spending the holidays in Bellingham, Washington visiting relatives who I only see once or twice a year.  While visiting, I sometimes take time to explore the area to check out places that are quiet away from the beaten path.  Honestly I prefer being out in nature than in the middle of a ton of people so I like to know where I can go to get away.  So off I went to enjoy a couple of places out and around.  The first place I explored was the fish hatchery just outside of town on the road to Mount Baker.  If you weren't watching, you'd miss it. 
 In fact, I missed the turn when taking my parents back to show it to them.  The fish tanks are there but the better place were the falls next to it.  I took a shot of the falls from a bridge built by in 1939/1940 by the WPA.  The stone bride has moss growing on it but the whole scene is wonderful.  Although I saw several people heading off with fishing rods, they were not visible at that point.  The only person I saw was a photographer poised at the side of the falls, getting a closeup.

The water fell down the rocks, flowed under the bridge before going on its merry way down the hill.  This photo is taken from the other side of the bridge.  The bridge is sort of the center of the universe.

There are paths around the area I want to explore come summer.  When its a bit warmer and not as rainy.  I prefer exploring things in warmer weather.  The day I went, the sky was overcast and drizzling cold rain.

From there, I headed off to Toad lake, a small lake located in the hills back of Lakeway drive. Its not a big lake, nor is there much parking. Its more of a small neighborhood place. As you arrive, you see a sign saying no entrance because the "road" is actually a driveway into private property. The picture to the left, gives you a bit of a view to enjoy the lake. I love that it is surrounded by trees and a few houses. Most of the lakes in the area have houses which are more expensive than others. Fortunately, there is a small parking area there.

The final stop was at Lake Samish just south of Bellingham on the way to Mount Vernon.  We stopped at a park on the north side of the lake.  The park had a small playground, a swimming area, and a view of the lake.  Up behind the park is a path to climb up to a beautiful waterfall.  Yes I love watching waterfalls and enjoy being near water. I love the sound of the whispering and whooshing of the water.  The water from this fall tumbled down the hill to join the lake. 
The lake is huge with some houses built around it.  I drove across the one lane bridge just next to the park. Most of the houses are on pieces of land barely bigger than the houses themselves. Development has not gone far up the side of the hill.  In fact there were only houses on each side of the road and no farther.  It was a wonderful day of beauty.
Tomorrow, I'll share some pictures from Pikes Market in Seattle.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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