Friday, April 26, 2019

Best Things to Buy in May

Pink, Magnolia, Flowers, BlütenmeerThe month of May is quickly approaching.  It starts in less than one week.  For shoppers, its always nice to know what to look for so they can plan ahead.

Check out thrift stores for sales because this is when people donate more due to cleaning out their closets after a long winter.

This month is when many gyms offer specials on their memberships because many of their members move to the outdoors to exercise with the nicer weather.  Its possible to haggle for a better price because they want to keep their memberships up.

If you want a new vacuum cleaner, now is the time to look for one because the new models are coming out in June and stores want to clear out the ones they have to make more room for the new inventory.  Another appliance that comes out with newer models are refrigerators.  Start looking for one in May because stores are beginning to lower prices to get rid of current inventory.

Look for athletic clothing during May.  Since more people are spending more time outdoors, stores are placing athletic gear on sale to get people thinking about being outdoors.  If you need an air conditioner, now is the time to buy it because as the temperatures go up, air conditioner prices also go up.  The same is true of swimsuits.  If you wait, till after Memorial Day, prices on swimwear tend to go up.

Do you need new summer clothing?  Start looking for sales about mid month because of Memorial Day coming up but the best prices happen just before Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is good time to look for mattresses because most stores are trying to move inventory.

May is also the month many stores are offering office furniture at a discount.  This is a great time to pick up swivel chairs, small desks, and shelving.  So if you want to spruce up your home office or you want to set one up, now is the time to look for office furniture.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the summer entertaining season so many places offer deep discounts on party supplies.   On the other hand, if you are a Star Wars fan, keep your eyes peeled on Amazon and Target for everything Star Wars to be on sale on May 4th.

Finally, keep an eye out on last minute Mothers Day gifts.  Although most sales have happened, some places still have a last minute sale so you can find something great.  I hope this helps you plan your shopping for next month.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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