Monday, April 22, 2019

The Best 8 Things To Buy In April.

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 I do most of my shopping online because the local stores are not much bigger than a convenience store except you can't buy liquor but you can buy bullets. The village is dry so no alcohol is sold but that is another story.

Many items are best bought at certain times of the year.  I buy my Christmas stuff including my wrapping paper right after Christmas, when prices are down.  However, for most things, we can't do the day after so its good to know what you can purchase when to save money.

Since April is National Car Care Month, so many car parts stores have regular promotions on car accessories and other goodies.  Its also a good time to get your tires checked and your engine tuned up.  For many living in northern climates, its also the month cars must change from winter studded tires to regular tires.

Another thing to look at purchasing in April is a used car because dealers are stocking up on inventory since people tend to buy in the spring.  By buying in April, you can avoid the crowds but you need to find a dealer who is willing to negotiate.

If you have some accrued vacation time, you might want to go traveling during April because its the time between the winter holidays and summer vacation times.  This time between peak travel times offer lower plane fares and good hotel rates. Further more the crowds are thinner so you can see more.  April is also a great time to find deals on cruises.

April is also a great month to purchase jewelry because Valentine's Day is long gone but jewelers want to pick up sales around April 15th by having sales so people will spend their refund checks.  When people have money, they spend it on things they want.

In addition, April is the time to look for end of winter sales on things like snow-blowers.  If your snow-blower is dying, get a new one now when stores are trying to get rid of inventory till next winter.  Furthermore, many stores such as Home Depot offer specials on home improvement supplies so those Do-it-yourself type people can get a head start on their summer projects.

If you need some new clothing, April is a great time to get the best price on spring clothing because stores are trying to clear space out for their summer clothing.  What inventory they have, they will discount to move it out.

On the other hand, if you need to get new cookware, now is the time to buy it.  Many stores discount their pots, pans, and cooking tools ahead of the wedding season or Mother's Day in May.  In addition, check out thrift stores for things because spring is when people clean out their closets and donate usable items to thrift stores.

So if you are needing to shop, check these things out and see if you can get a bargain.  Have a great day and let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear.

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