Monday, July 23, 2018

Backstage at the Golden Days Parade

This past Saturday the annual Golden Days Parade made its way from Carlson center to the Coop in the old Carrs Building.  The path wound along the river before heading down Second, over to Nobel and down almost to Airport Way.  It celebrates Felix Pedro, an Italian immigrants, discovery of gold which started the local gold rush.

Since I play in the parade, I am unable to get pictures of groups during the event so I always arrive early to snap pictures of various groups and share a few with you.  I hope you like them.  The parade has entries ranging from the military, the colleges, the political parties, civil groups, churches and anyone who wants to enter. 

 The entry to the above is presented by the Pioneers of Alaska who want to preserve one of the last remaining steam boats that served Fairbanks.  They are raising money to repair it and continue making it into a museum to show the early days. They always make an appearance in the parade.

The above is the Alaskan equivalent of "The Beverly Hillbillies" truck.  This makes an appearance every year in the parade.  I don't know how old it is but I do know the father used to drive it until he passed away and now his daughter and grandson make sure to carry on the family tradition. 
The Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce has their portable jail house they bring out as one of the fund raisers at this time of year.  You purchase one or more tickets which pays for them to go "arrest" someone.  It is always seen around town with the pretty 'Saloon Girls' hanging off it to advertise the event.
This big yellow rubber ducky is the other fund raiser participating in the parade. Tickets are sold all around town in $5 or $10 values.   Every year, they release a ton of small numbered rubber duckies into the Chena River.  The first ones across the finish line are the winners.  People can win money, airline tickets and other great prizes.  I've participated but never won.  Its all in good fun. 
Even the Furthest North Rodeo got into the act with their float which included several mini horses.  

This year being an election year, means just about every candidate had some sort of float in the parade.  I am not endorsing Grunwald, I just think the float was cute.  

Several realtors came out with floats designed to remind people of their services. Fairbanks has two military bases in the area and there are people who move in and out all the time. 
The local colleges had several floats and students from the law enforcement and fire fighter academies  marching.  I was just going to take a casual picture but one of the leaders saw me and called them to attention.

Everts Air service helps to fly cargo out to remote villages such as the one I live in.  They haul cargo and are one of the many air services out there.

This truck represents the Brest Cancer Detection Center who is one of two places in town taking mammograms.  On the side they have the names of several who have passed away of the disease.  I include it because my sister passed from it back in January.

This is a shot taken from my seat on the Fairbanks Community Band's float. Every year, the band provides a group of volunteers to provide live music along the parade route.  We have a great driver who makes it a smooth ride.

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