Friday, July 6, 2018

Surviving An Apocalypse.

Gothic Goth Horror Dark Zombie Zombie Girl  I am heading for a convention this weekend where one track seems to be focused on surviving any apocalypse.

One panel will look at communications such as ham operators who would be the ones getting word out, assuming that there are no EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) to wipe out all electronics.

Another panel is on preparing a survival kit.  They will discuss items you should have in that kit.  I recently purchased a survival bundle from Humble Bundle with a bunch of books on exactly that topic.  I bought it not for the survival books but for the cheese making, first aid, brewing and homesteading books. However, I don't mind having the other information.

A third panel is on surviving the apocalypse both emotionally and spiritually.  The idea is even if you survive the even physically, how will you stay both emotionally and spiritually healthy so you do not become depressed.  How do you face an event that wipes out the world and stay sane. 

Then there are the two familiar panels on Zombies.  The first is on choosing the best weapon to use to kill a Zombie.  The panel will also look at television shows based on the idea of zombies to determine if people on those shows used the proper weapons.  The second panel looks at Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness or how to protect yourself against Zombies.  What is likely to happen during the first 48 hours before governmental resources kick in.  How will you survive those first 48 hours when it all breaks loose?

I've never been one to plan fully for an apocalypse because honestly I do not see it happening but if I ever decide to become a writer, these topics would provide me with everything I need to accurately write this type of story.  One strand of science fiction is on zombies taking over the world while another strand is that something happens and you are left to survive the world as it falls apart.

That is one reason to attend these panels. If its something you want to write  a book or a screen play for a movie based on either topic.  I don't know if I'll attend those panels as they may be up against the hard science ones that I prefer.  I'll let you know and if I do go, I'll share the information with you.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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