Wednesday, July 25, 2018

She Doesn't Live Here.

Vote Poll Election Voting Polling Decision I believe I mentioned the other day that the State of Alaska has a major election coming up in November.  I do not usually pay attention to candidates because this state has either 5 or 6 officially recognized parties depending on the number of votes each gets during an election.

The parties include the Democrats,  two different republican parties, the Libertarians, the Green party, and the Independent party.  This many different parties can make life interesting.

Some of the folks who run provide so much entertainment such as the lady who often ran for office but was unable to win.  She accused the Anchorage City Council of sabotaging her husband's law test so he couldn't pass it.  At that point, he'd taken the test 25 times and had yet to pass it.

The latest issue is the woman who is running for the United States House.  She threw her hat in the ring running on the Democratic ticket for the primary.  The thing that has people upset is the candidate is not a resident of the state She has never even visited the state, yet she feels she can adequately represent the state in Washington D.C.

The Democratic party filed objections but apparently it was done after the time limit for objections so now she is on the ballot.   According to the Alaskan Constitution, must meet the requirements for citizen and age along with residing in the state at the time of election. 

Another odd thing about this candidate is that she has listed one address in New Jersey and another in South Dakota.  Apparently, she lives in South Dakota but the address listed there is a mail drop for transient seniors . She has spent a lot of time in New Jersey dealing with a family illness but the address listed there is for a business. 

Personally, I find it strange that someone thinks they can do a great job of representing the state without ever living there or even visiting.  In a previous senatorial election, someone who sort of lived here managed to get the backing of the Tea Party to get the Republican nomination but many of his electoral messages focused on his being from Nebraska.  He lost to a write in candidate.

In addition, she is relying on her website and used of social media for her campaign. According to one article, she doesn't even plan to visit the state unless she wins the primary.  It seems to me that if you want to represent a state, you should at least go up and check it out, meet people, and let them know you are running.

Although there are cases in other states where someone comes in just to run for a congressional seat and have won, Alaska tends not to have time with people who have not lived in the state.  I want to know how she thinks she could effectively represent the state when she's never been here.  She cannot understand the dynamics of living in a place accessible only by air or having a very limited set of roads.

The primary is next month.  I'll keep watch on things and report back.  Let me now what you think.  I'd love to hear.

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  1. Inspired. I think I might like to represent Alaska as well. I live in Cornwall--that's in Britain--but I am an American citizen and can spell Alaska without resorting to either Google or spellcheck. My other qualifications? I've never been to Alaska either, so I'm unlikely to have offended anyone there. Yet. At least not in person.

    Please vote for me. It's too late to get my name on the ballot but you can write it in.