Thursday, July 5, 2018

Outlet Mall, Blaine WA

On my way down to Denver, I stopped off to visit relatives in the Bellingham, Washington area.  Since my parents are slowing down a lot and dad had a stroke, I am making a point of visiting as much as I can.  The other day, we took them up to the mall in Blaine.

The mall started out as an outlet mall but over the years, many of the stores have gone out of business, and others have come in while a few have hung in over the years.  I think there are only three or four that have been there since the beginning.

Down at the end by the realtors offices, I found some beautiful sculptures. Some are fun, some are more abstract but they are all interesting.

 I love these two children who have discovered something hidden by the plants.  They remind me of the wonderful joy we loose as we drive up.

This dog is actually a sculpture found by the men's bathroom on the back side.  He looks so real but will never shed or be noisy so the perfect animal for an apartment.

This is a nice water fountain but I got there before it began working for the morning.  

This tortoise is in front of the fountain and the perfect size for little one's to sit on. 

This area of the mall is extremely  family friendly with its cool sculptures and picnic table. 

I love visiting the mall, just to check out a few places I regularly shop at when I'm in the area before I head off to this area, just to sit and enjoy some down time.

I'm off to Denver to attend a conference.  I hope to share some of the cool things I'll be learning when I visit the conference.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. 

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. 

Have a great day.

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