Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Love, Love, Love, The Internet.

Monitor Binary Binary System Computer Bina  I have something I need to admit.  It's one facet of who I am and have been since I first discovered books and libraries.  I am not ashamed of it, just discovered I tend to be the only one where I work who is an INFORMATION JUNKIE! 

When I was growing up, the only place I could go to get information was the library.  My family could not have afforded devices, computers, or even the internet.  So it was the library. 

I borrowed books on any topic that interested me.  If I wanted to learn to fix something, I borrowed a book.  The same for cooking, knitting, weaving, any topic but now, I don't have to leave home.

I don't know how much you use the internet but I use it for:
1. Shopping of course
2. Streaming videos
3. Researching topics and finding answers to questions.
4. Looking for activities I can use in my classroom.
5. Take classes.  I even earned my masters degree totally via the internet.  I never set food on the campus.
6.  Download and use apps for personal use, work, and enjoyment.
7.  Learn to do so much via YouTube.  I've learned to replace the toilet, install a load bearing wall, soldier, etc.
8.  So many other things like finding the best routing and purchasing tickets to travel, attend events, and so many things too numerous to talk about.

Unfortunately, the internet for me can be extremely addictive because I read the review of a book and I immediately want to buy it.  I discover apps that connect with the internet so I can learn programming or a new skill. I am addicted but not as much as some folks I know.

I heard of a young lady who would go to bed at night, her phone next to her head on the bed.  The first thing she did upon waking was to begin reading the 1000 or so messages which arrived over night.  I know from personal experience, many of my students are up late at night texting friends, playing games, and streaming videos so they do not get enough sleep.

I am not that bad.  I don't even freak out when I forget my phone because I am not addicted to that.  I'm just addicted to obtaining information.  I love information.  I'll even read a brochure if it has information I am interested in.

Are you an information junkie?  Let me know, I'd love to hear.

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