Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Space Programs.

Space Travel Rocket Space Flying Cosmos In  If I asked you, "Who has a space program?", most people would answer the United States or Russia because those are the two countries most of us grew up with.  They had a competition to see who would be the first one to land on the moon. 

Russia managed to get the first woman in space but the United States managed to get the first person to step on the moon but until I heard this talk, I was unaware of certain other countries.

India is one of the best known for launching satellites into space, they have been launching them since the late 1970's and have begun launching for other countries.  So far they have launched 52 Indian satellites and over 230 satellites for other countries.  In addition, they launched something to Mars which just began releasing pictures.

Another country that is prominent when it comes to launching is China who said to have launched over 200 satellites. In addition, China has launched their own space station to be used for research.  On the other hand, although Canada has a space agency, they have the United States, India, and Russia to launch its space craft.

The latest thing out of Germany is the phone company is working on creating a 4 LTE that works on the moon so that when Germany sends their own moon rovers videos back to the earth in high definition.  Apparently, this method is more energy efficient than the traditional method of sending videos back to the earth.

Other lesser known countries with some sort of space program include Angola which launched AngoSat-1, a communications satellite, early in 2018 but which quit working after 40 days in space.  This was their first launch.  They hope to launch another one in 2020. The next one will not cost them anything because of the insurance policy they took out.

On the other hand, Algeria has launched a couple of satellites via China and have established plans to continue their program to 2040.  Then there is Israel who have begun developing the D-Mars is a program to further human space exploration.  One thing they plan to do is to simulate a mission to Mars.

Some countries such as Columbia had a space program until someone accidentally blew up their space craft on the launch pad.  The explosion took out the whole launch pad along with everything around it.

This is just a short survey of some of the countries with their own space program.  I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow, I"ll be back to my normal topics. Thank you for letting me share this exciting information.  Have a great day.

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