Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Season

 Its the time of year when many of us fly across the state or country to visit relatives and family for Christmas.  This means we spend time in airports awaiting our next flight.

When I flew through the Seattle Airport, I experienced one of their entertainers who provided cheer of the season.

I think I took these pictures around 7 in the morning, when the one man band walked through playing a variety of Christmas music. 
 He was fun as he moved through the concourse singing and accompanying himself.  The music was constant and fun.

The children around me were absolutely delighted with the dancing fairies who accompanied him in their beautifully decorated cart while the adults hummed along with the music.

On the back of the cart, one saw a sign advertising that merchants wished everyone a Merry Christmas.  I hope to see him again when I fly through the 23rd on my way to another destination where I'll be spending Christmas.
This happened in the C concourse near the flight board.  I think this guy performs here every year because I remember him from other years when he came through bright and early in the morning while I awaited my flight back east.

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