Monday, June 5, 2017

Awesome Artists.

Today, you get a view of some of the more entertaining vendors at the Fairbanks Farmers Market.
 The gentleman who runs this stand live in North Pole about 15 miles on the road towards Tok, Alaska. 

He makes cute little bird houses but what sets his apart from other peoples is his use of old license plates.  He finds old ones and uses them on the roof of each bird house. 

I regularly stop to visit and find out what is happening in his town.  Although its just a short distance away, I live in the other direction so it is out of my way.
 Moosetard makes some of the most unusual mustards.  It is not like that yellow stuff you get in the plastic squeeze bottles.  It is made from local ingredients using mustard seeds.

I'm not a fan of mustard but this stuff is actually quite good.  She has one made with coarsely ground mustard seeds, ginger, and birch syrup for example.  Some use local lagers and ales in them or local fruits such as cranberries. 

In addition, her BBQ sauces are great on meat according to my family.  I love chatting with her.
 You saw this picture over the weekend.  I love these wall hangings because the dogs look so real and have such a personality.

I can almost hear them whimper as they ask for loving.  If I had a space on my wall, I'd hang it and enjoy it.  I love cute things like this, especially as they have so much character.
Finally, I share this artist who paints rocks with such character, you'd almost swear they are real.  When I first saw them, I did a double take because they looked so real.

If you look closely, you'll see a cute squirrel on the slab of wood and right next to it is a cute, cuddly looking owl but I'm know its made of rock.

I love seeing these artists at the Farmers Market.  In addition, to locals going, visitors come along and have a great time.  You have to go bright and early because by noon, the parking lot is filled to capacity and you won't find a parking spot.

I'm in Hawaii attending a conference so I'll be talking about some of the things I saw in the short time.  I have a tour around the island of Oahu scheduled Thursday so I'll share some pictures of that on Friday.  Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday will be the Pan Pacific celebration, including a multiblock party and the Kamehameha day parade. 

I'll make sure I get pictures of all of that.  I can hardly wait.  Have fun.

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