Monday, June 26, 2017

They are Finally Ripe!

 See the beautiful red berries in the container? Those are freshly picked ripe wild strawberries. They ripen about the same time as rhubarb which is why people love strawberry rhubarb jams and pies.  After a long winter, these strawberries are greatly appreciated and loved.  The lady who was offering free copies of Edible Alaska had them and offered them around to people.  They are so sweet and wonderful but it took a lot to fill the small container.
Edible Alaska is a magazine which focuses on plants and wild life eaten by people around the state.  It was great finding a magazine that looks at everything people eat in the state from baked goods, distilled liqueurs, fish, greens, and everything in between.                                      The nice thing about the summer 2017 issue is that there is an article on a farm operating up the road from me.  Aside from the fact they are a CSA, they are a place people can go and learn more about the business of farming.                When Thursday's roll around, they offer produce at the local Farmer's Market in the park next door to my house.  Right now, they've mostly got greens such as lettuce, spinach, or kale.  Potatoes and tomatoes won't be in for a while.
I grabbed a picture of this jewelry shop because I loved the name.  She had a large selection of nice jewelry and was right across the way from the lady selling magazine subscriptions.  Alaska is known for its odd names.  I plan to grab a picture of Buns on the Run and Hot Licks as both are perfectly harmless but I have to wait till I stop by there on Wednesday night after the concert.

Every week is a bit different at the Farmer's Market.  There are the regulars and then there are the ones who come and go such as the lady representing Edible Alaska.  Yes I ended up purchasing a subscription because I got five back issues in addition to the next four.  It is fun to learn more about the state and what it has to offer because not everyone knows Alaska has more than oil and snow.

Have a good day.

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