Friday, June 9, 2017

The New International Market Place

 The original one was torn down a couple of years ago to be replaced by a more modern structure with sleek lines but without the character of the first one. 

I entered it by the Tesla Car company.  Turns out, a Tesla car is some sort of electric car but the weird doors reminded me of the car from Back To the Future.

In the back of the dealership, they had some company tshirts available for purchase but I never made it in because it looks like those are out of my price range.
The original market place opened back in 1957 as a Polynesian experience but over the years it changed into more of a cluster of small businesses.  I loved it because I never knew which exit I would end up by.

The banyan tree was there when it opened, closed, and reopened.  They built a tree house which holds a history of the place.  This particular tree was original planted in the mid 19th century so its probably about a century and a half old.
This photo gives you a great view of the tree house.  As you can see the tree is huge and spread out. It actually dominates this end of the new marketplace.

Lighting has been strung around the tree and if you look carefully, you'll find seating hidden away in the folds of other plants.  Apparently, this Indian Banyan is treasure so highly, there are sensors placed around it so the tree doctor can be called should it indicate it is stressed.
 The tree is so tall, you can see the top leaves from the third floor with all its interesting restaurants.  This is not the food court, it is a place of fine dining.

The food court is on the first floor but they are working out some kinks in its operation.  They have a digital kiosk to learn more about the eating places in "The Street" but at the time I tried it, it did not work well. 

The screens either did not work, or blacked out.  I gave up.
 Notice the nice green area build at the other side by the keyhole area.  There is water, grass, stones for sitting and a stage surrounded by large statues.

People are taking advantage of the open area to enjoy themselves.  It is nice to have this grassed in area in a place where higher and higher buildings are replacing the open areas.

There is also a stream surrounded by plants and flowers which flows through the place.  Sprinkled at certain places are wooden seats so people can sit and enjoy the water.
This picture is taken from the third floor of the marketplace.  To my left is the open space for the banyan tree.  I saw some red berries that I'd never had a chance to see.

Behind me is a pizza place offering pizza and beer.  I check the menu out and some of the pizza's looked so wonderful.  Unfortunately, the person I was with, couldn't eat the pizza due to a wheat allergy. 

I'll try to share more pictures next week of this place.  I still prefer the older place because it reminded me of a mysterious land of the past.

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