Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Porcupine Essentials

 I ran across Porcupine Essentials at the Farmers Market.  I stopped to take a picture because of their name and we started talking.  Ended up talking on a bunch of topics but it came out, she'd started making her own products because of allergies associated with commercial products.  Although I am highlighting their business, I was not paid to do it.  I thought their product is cool.

I loved the selection of soaps but the thing I like most is the fact you can find the ingredients so if there is anything you are allergic to, you'll know.  I've known vegans who are so strict, they will not use anything made with milk or any other ingredient from animals.
I've included a few pictures of their products. 
 Many of the soaps are more local in flavor such as the Carrot & Rose hip facial bars or the Alaskan Blueberry Wine Soap.  Yes it is made with a locally made Blueberry Wine.  Rose hips are commonly found in the fall.  They taste best once they've been touched with a frost.  I've been known to collect them in the fall and freeze them for use over the winter because they are high in Vitamin C.

She offers soap for gardeners and mechanics.  She said the formulas were developed to get the dirt off but leave the hands feeling nice afterwards.  When I garden, I always end up with dirty nails and I need a nail brush to clean them properly.

I love checking going because every time I visit, I find something new.  Have a great day.  If you'd like to check them out, click on their name and there is a link to their website.  Enjoy your day.  Tomorrow, I'm back to normal topics but I'll be in Phoenix over the weekend.  I'll share photos from that trip.

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