Thursday, January 19, 2017

Charges Per Person

Taxi, Cab, Taxicab, Taxi Cab, New York  When you are in one of the places outside of the road system or cities in Alaska, the charges for taxi's and hotel rooms really differ from what you are used to.

If you fly to a place like Nome, Bethel, or Barrow, you enter a different world of things.  Charges are often more expensive than you are used to.

The last time I was in Bethel, the charges were all over the map.  First of all, the standard cab fare is $7.00 per person from the airport to the store or many of the hotels and motels.

It is usually a bit less if you go to the hotel and more if you are heading out to the other end of town.  Fortunately, all the taxi's charge the same amount so it really doesn't matter which one you take.  If you are a senior (65 +) you will get a one dollar discount.

In Bethel, the average cost of a B & B is between $150 and $200  while the hotels are in the $170 to $300 range depending on which one it is.  The cost gets you a very small room equivalent to something you'd find at Motel 6.  In addition, most places charge the base price for one person and then add $20 for each additional person or animal  you have in your room.

If you end up in a village due to weather issues, check with the city or the local school to see if you can rent something there.  Often a room at the school will run between $30 and $60 per night.  This gets you floor space at school or if you are lucky, a room in someone's house.  It does not mean the cost includes a meal.

I realize many people just sleep at the airport if stuck somewhere but most terminals in the larger towns like Bethel, Nome, or Barrow close down in the evening after the last flight of the day so you cannot sleep there.  You simply ask for a list of hotels and they will happily provide the information.  One airline has a list right next to the public phone on the wall.

If you end up in a village, just ask the agent for ideas or the phone number for the principal of the school.  Find a place and ask for a lift.  It is very different out here.  Although I've been doing this a long time, I still cringe every time I have to shell out the cost of a great hotel for something no better than Motel 6.

Have a good day. 

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