Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World!

Seascapes, Motion, Ocean, Wave, Movement  How many of us dream of running from our mundane lives to lay on a beach somewhere exotic.  I know I get that desire in the middle of winter when its dark and extremely cold outside.

Of course the list varies  a bit based on who made the list but I'll try to give a good variety.

1. Trunk Bay, St John in the United States Virgin Island.  It has been photographed so many times due to its beauty. In addition, it is part of the Virgin Island national park and has this wonder 225 yard underwater trail to explore the bay.

2. Frasier Island, Queensland Australia is on the World Heritage list because its the largest sand island in the world.  It is noted for its breath taking beaches and has one beach made up of 70 different colored sands.  This particular beach has been named the Rainbow beach.

3. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil.  This place is off the beaten path and offers two miles of untouched white sand beach complete with crystal clear waters.  There are restaurants, no shacks, nothing to disrupt its beauty.

4. Anse Source d’Argent located in the Seychelles is noted for the beautiful cliffs surrounded by a gorgeous pink sand.  This is another of the places frequently photographed due to its beauty.

5.  Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is not longer hidden but has clear waters and is formed in an area reputed to have been created due to some military bomb testing.

6. Plage De St. Jean, French Caribbean - a beautifully clear elegant beach located at the end of a short runway.  This place is reputed to be for the rich and perhaps not so famous.

7. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia which is an island located between Australia and New Zealand.  It is known for its beautiful surf and sparkling waters.  If the name sounds familiar, Lord Howe Island is often mentioned in reference to Amelia Earheart's last trip.  The one she disappeared on.

8. 7 Mile Beach in Jamaica is actually 6 miles long but is one of the longest and spectacular beaches in the world.

9. Maya Beach in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand has been used as a backdrop in at least one movie and is noted for being the perfect tropical beach.

10. Barnes Bay, Anguilla - is one of 33 beaches in the area but is noted for its smooth soft sand and has fewer visitors so is less crowded.

11. Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda.  Although its a very popular destination, check out Port Royal Cove due to its beauty, pink sand, shallow depths, and dramatic rock foundations. 

So if you want to escape winter, here are some beautiful places to visit.  Enjoy

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