Thursday, January 12, 2017

Life Line

Package, Shipping, Made, Post, Office Out here in the bush of Alaska, there are two extremely important things which make life possible for most of us.  The first is air planes and the second is the post office.  Both are linked and important.

When the planes are unable to fly due to weather, it means our supplies such as food do not arrive.  Even the stores rely on postal bypass mail in order to get supplies in. 

Airplanes are also responsible for carrying air freight.  Air freight is used to get perishables into the village faster than regular mail.  I use it for my twice a month box of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The stores bring much of their frozen foods in this way.  That is why a half gallon of ice cream is often $13 to $15 each or pizza is between $15 and $20.  I am talking about things most people pay between $3 and $8 in the frozen food section.

The post office is important because many of us order from Amazon, Wal-mart, grocery stores.  I sent 4 boxes of stuff the 29th of December but I do not know if its here yet because the post office lady has been out with strep throat.  She has no helper so when she is sick, our post office is closed.

I am worried because I bought fresh fruit and veggies and I am worried about them.  I have mangoes, avocados, and a couple other time sensitive foods that may be nothing more than mush when she is open again.  I could not pack them in my suitcases because I'm only allowed 100 lbs total when I fly the local airline so I send things by mail often. 

It is often times a gamble since the mail can make it on a plane before you get stuck in town or in this case, it never left the hub until the day after I got back but that was the first day she was sick.  In addition, I have all my bills on auto pay because its not unheard of for bills to arrive after they are due. 

During the month of October, pfd month, mail slowed to a crawl and things that took 2 weeks, could take 4 to 6 weeks arriving.  Pfd is the permanent fund dividend that Alaskans get once a year from a fund. Its extra money people use to order more things C.O.D. so the post office is inundated with boxes, boxes, and more boxes.

As you can see if either the weather closes in or the post office person gets sick, we cannot get the supplies we ordered.  Although you get used to it, it is frustrating.  I still hope my mangoes are perfectly ripe (I bought them green) and maybe my avocados made it.  I'll do an update as soon as I get them. 

Have a good day.

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