Thursday, January 5, 2017

Worst Cooks on the Food Channel.

Food, Salmon, Teriyaki, Cooking  You all know I got stuck in a small town in one of the better hotels on New Years Day.  I stumbled across a show called Worst Cooks in America.

I didn't realize there are people out there who do not know how to cook from scratch.  I learned early in life because my mother could cook if she followed a recipe but she never got past the point to adjust things for better flavor.

My dad said my mother couldn't even boil water but she had some legitimate reasons for never learning to cook.  Back to the topic at hand.

It appears the first half of the show is where folks prepare a dish to show how well they cook and the second half is where they are divided into two teams with each team replicating a dish demonstrated by a chef.  I will tell you, the whole hour kept me laughing.

The folks they chose were absolutely clueless.  One guy said he cooked for his wife 41 years ago and poisoned his wife so she never allowed him to cook for her again.  Another cook commented she didn't think they were supposed to poison the judges and the other girl said that's why there were medics standing by.

Another lady decided to make salmon cakes. She used canned salmon but didn't realize the fish would have bones in it.  She thought she got most of them out. Another thought you should drown the dish in ketchup.  

During the part where they tried to replicate the chef's recipe, one girl shot a lobster claw across the room to hit the wall.  Another one screamed as she placed the lobster in water and when she pulled it out. One guy kept trying to devein a shrimp from the wrong side so the chef gave him a hint so he could do it.

During tasting, one chef began coughing after tasting one of the dishes because the cook used way too much pepper.  Another was asked where the zucchini was.  She replied that she had cut it in extremely small pieces but it disappeared during the cooking.

I had sore ribs by the end of the show due to all the humor.  It was a wonderful comedy and made a great escape from being stuck in a hotel room in a town when all I wanted to do was to go home and sleep in my own bed.

If you have seen the show, let me know what you think of it.  Have a good day.

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