Monday, January 16, 2017

Free Land.

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It is that time of year again when the temperatures plummet  down to the -30 and -40 range.  Where you cannot go outside without your snow pants, winter coats, face covering, good gloves, winter boots and hood.  It is too easy to end up with frostbitten limbs.

I know a young man who was out, driving around on his snow machine.  He had is baseball cap on sideways under his hood so the hood did not fit properly and he ended up with a frost bitten ear and frostbitten side of his face.  It was nasty. 

I am really not a cold weather person.  I realize that is strange as I've live in Alaska for many years but I prefer wearing minimal clothing and being able to just throw on some flip flops on my way out the door.  I hate spending 5 to 10 minutes getting ready.

So about now, I fantasize about running away to the South Pacific kind of like those authors and artists in the 19th century.  You know places like Tahiti or Samoa.  Somewhere I can be warm all year long, swim, and just bum around. 

While wandering around the internet, I stumbled across this article.  Apparently, the Pitcairn Islands government is so desperate to build up the population, they offer free land.  Yes you read that correctly, free land to build your house on.

For those of you who have seen the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty", this is where the descents of the event settled. Unfortunately, they have been loosing residents and want to build up the population.  I checked things out and there are things to be aware of.

First, it only receives supplies every three months by ship so if you want certain things, you have to order them in from New Zealand. This includes your house usually via a house kit.  In addition, travel to and from is not especially easy because it does not have regularly scheduled planes, only the supply boat. 

There is a general store for basics such as flour, milk, cheese but its only open a few days a week.  You do have access to locally raised fruits and vegetables.  There is power, phone, and internet but the availability of jobs are limited.

If you are the type of person who likes being away from it all, this is the perfect situation. If you'd like to know more, check the information out here.

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