Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's That Time of Year.

Tropical Island, Waves, Ocean, Sand As mentioned yesterday, I don't like the really cold temps and about this time of year, I'm ready to fly off to a warmer climate.  Unfortunately, I can't do that due to my job but I've found a way to handle my wanderlust.

Although I cannot go anywhere, I can still pretend I'm off to Fiji or Tahiti without ever leaving my house.

I have Prime membership with Amazon so I've got access to all sorts of videos for free.  It allows me to check out streaming videos on gardening, so I can enjoy the beauty of roses while I learn more about their care.  There are videos on Birds you see in your back yard, homesteading, Zen gardens, Gardens of the World.  Videos with lots and lots of green which is a great change from the white and grey of winter here.

If I don't want gardening, I can check out Bryce Canyon, Food places, New York, Smart Travels, Culinary travels to Jamaica.  I can visit the Yukon, Scotland, Hawaii, and so many other places without ever leaving home.

I can check out the problems with interstellar flight,  the secrets of archeology, jungle waterfalls,get educated on single malt whiskey.  So many choices all varied according to what I am in the mood for.  Even popular science for kids.

I hope to travel to Finland in August so I can use these videos to get ideas of where to do.  I found one on national parks, another on the 9 places in Finland one must go in the summer, one talking about being there for 7 days, and a couple on just visiting Finland in general.

I plan to watch these later on so I can make choices on what to see while I'm there for my conference.  I have always enjoyed having a list of places to visit before heading off but I also get suggestions from the locals once I'm there because they tell you of events you might not know about.

So enjoy, have a good day, I"m off to watch something on Paris France, a place on my bucket list.  Take care and let me know what you think.

I realize it is more fun to do all these things yourself but you sometimes can't.

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