Friday, January 27, 2017

Quaint Places

Coffee, Cup, Apple, Laptop, Working, Bed  When I was younger, I ended up traveling.  I prefer staying in hostels or B&B's because they tend to have more flavor and you meet some really cool places.

There was this place in Fiji I stayed one time.  There were others in the group.  The biggest thing I remember about the trip was the cook at the hotel.  For breakfast, they offered eggs, cooked any way you wanted.

Of course, everyone ordered their eggs.  I wanted poached eggs on toast.  I got a very hard poached egg on toast, hard enough to bounce but so did everyone else.  The cook apparently decided to cook all the eggs the same way.

Then there was the hotel room in Auckland.  It was a normal room except for the bed which must have been completely made of feathers.  I remember going to bed and sinking down so far, the sheets and blankets lay totally flat on the bed. You would never see me unless you looked carefully.

Ohhh and that B & B in Scotland.  When I got to Scotland, I popped into the tourist place and booked rooms for my train trip around the country.  So I took off for my place but when I got there, I was met by the owner explaining she'd booked me into another B&B because she had a pipe break.  So I was shipped off in a taxi.  The new place was great and I was sent to the check this wonderful park out.

On the way, I passed a fund raising event filled with great activities which had all the people watching.  Hmmm, in Mexico I took a taxi to a hotel and ended up at a different one because the driver thought we wanted the more expensive one. Ohhh but once we got settled, we ended up finding this Popsicle place  which had frozen fruit popsicles.  I knew they were fruit because the melon flavored ones had seeds mixed through out them.

Every time I go anywhere, I acquire a new memory to join the ones I already have.  I go to Oahu at least once a year and every year, I find a new place to eat.  The last time, I found a great little place at a farmer's market in the King Shopping Center.  He had plans to open his own Korean restaurant in downtown.  His food was fresh and great.  I ate there a lot. 

One year, a friend and I wondered into a Japanese restaurant.  Fortunately, they had an English speaking waiter who was able to translate the menu for us.  The food was great and I think we were the only non-Japanese diners in the place. 

I hope you all have fun memories of quaint places.  Let me know and please share.

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