Monday, April 6, 2015


The storm tore down a line into my house so now I only have power into part of the house and basically my bedroom, the hall, and the kitchen/living room are effected.  Geeezzzz.  I have a load of wet laundry that I hope to finish today if the electrician got my message and if he came out in the snow to fix it.  In addition, my internet went down and when I went to work this morning, both were still down. 
I think right now, I'd love to be some where the internet is fully up and accessible at any time..  I read about traveling the world, writing books, posting to a blog, having a business but it is kind of hard if your internet is sporadic at best.  (I often post from work) .  I dream of doing this, maybe find a job overseas for a while and post of my experiences.  One year, I worked with a woman who told me she brought her children to Alaska so they can experience what it is like living in a 3rd world country.  I would not call it a 3rd world country, more like the western frontier where things are a bit behind the lower 48.  There are very limited roads but you can get almost anywhere by airplane or helicopter.  That said, it all depends on the weather.  If its bad, you don't go anywhere.  We had one year where I think you could fly only 2 days a week for about 5 months.  Made life interesting. That was when I found out that Alaska has a special application for people who do not live on the road system so they can send in and renew their drivers license.   <grins>  It saved me a $500 plane ticket so I didn't have to fly the 135 miles to the town with the DMV.

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