Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I did it!!!!!!!!!

Surf's up and I'm going to get a chance to both work and play!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
A few weeks ago I submitted a proposal to present at an educational technology conference in Hawaii in June.  Yesterday, I received notification that I was accepted!!!!!!!!  First thing  I did was call my parents, followed by others.  Eventually, I got around to letting my husband know. LOL.
As soon as he found out, we were on the computers getting our tickets set, hotel room organized and now I need to know if he wants to go on a couple "tours"  of just amuse himself while I am working.
Last time I was there, I did a tour just to see how much things have really changed since I lived there. More traffic, more houses, more of everything including freeways.  Some of the fields where they were growing pineapples, sugar cane, etc. are now gone.  The economy is changing.
On the other hand, I can go visit Leonard, find some really awesome Korean food.  There is this little hole in the wall Korean place in the corner of the bottom floor of the hotel I'm staying at.  You can get a really good breakfast for not too much.  Then over at the grocery store, there is this little food place that always has mochi ice cream balls.  Ohhhh those are soooo good.  They are ice cream balls covered with mochi. 
For those of you who do not know, mochi is a Japanese rice dish often made of pounded rice and used to welcome in the new year.  Now a days, many people make mochi out of a specific sweet rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and a few other ingredients.  You can get it at most grocery stores in the bakery dept.
 There is a place in Hilo that makes the most fantastic mochi called "Two Ladies Kitchen"  mmmmmm.  I go there every time I get to the Big Island.  It is the absolute best.  I've even had security folks offer to relieve me of the mochi I buy to take home and share with family.  Heavenly is all I can say.   Hmmmm maybe I should send hubby over on a day trip to pick some up??????  Here's to wishful thinking.

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