Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mt Mckinley/Denali

This photo was taken on the air plane while flying from Fairbanks to Anchorage.  The day was beautiful and clear.  Sometimes, if it is especially clear, you can see Denali from Fairbanks but it doesn't happen every day.

Such a beautiful shot.  Denali is slightly to the right of the middle.  When my mother was growing up, this beautiful 20,000 foot high mountain was called Mt. Mckinley.  It was named after William McKinley who was running for president at the time.  Denali is the currently accepted name and is the original indigenous name.
This is a better shot of Denali.  When I was young,  I had a relative who climbed this magnificent mountain.  He was pretty young and at that point in time gained the title of "Youngest to ever climb Mt. Mckinley.  I think he was the reason I even knew about the mountain. 

In the spring, they open up the roads on one day to go in but only so far.   If you want to go further, you can sign up for a tour and sit in a rattly old bus whose springs are pretty much shot.  The seats, well what do expect but the view is wonderful.  The buses stop whenever wild life is spotted and at regular stops along the route. 

I can say that seeing Denali in the flesh is so much better than any picture.  Even viewing it from the highway that passes by the park, still provides a spectacular view.  It is even more spectacular if you get to look at it around sunset when it is surrounded by the beautiful fiery rays of the setting sun.

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