Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Oasis is a word that conjures up images of something beautiful in the middle of a desert for most people.
Photo by Dennis Jarvis

For others it conjures up a restaurant that has the best french toast stuffed with a cream cheese filling and drenched in strawberries topped with whipped cream.  mmmm, mmm, good, mmmmm, mmmmm good. 

 While others see it as a beautiful spot where they can hide in a green house, a small garden area, or the sunroom. 

For me an oasis, besides the restaurant, is going to be a patio that will have built up planters around edge with several levels so as to provide privacy.  I don't think I want a pool but a nice little pond that will recycle water for that lovely whishy sound.  I would also like a four poster bed similar to one you might imagine in a decadent hotel but low to the ground with tons of pillows. 
Imagine something like what is in the picture with the bed in front, just off to the right of the picture with an outdoor kitchen to the left just out of sight.  Scattered through out the area we see, I want edible plants, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. 

A place I can escape to when I need to charge my batteries and get away from it all.  Where I can dream those dreams that may or may not ever come true.  Where I can wear as few pieces or sleep outside if it is beautiful and if it is in a place with no mosquitoes.  My private oasis cannot have any mosquitoes.

You ever try to sleep when there are mosquitoes around?  They like to buzz around your ears, trying to find the perfect spot to land.  Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood?  Did you know that certain mosquitoes actually hibernate through the winter hidden under leaves covered in snow and when they wake in the spring, they are the fully grown ones.  The little ones that are newly hatched are extremely aggressive and tend to bite before they land?  Enough about mosquitoes.

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