Saturday, April 11, 2015

Improvements in life

Life is actually getting easier to live the way you want.  We have more time to pursue the joys we want in our lives.  Last night we had some nasty winds and blowing snow.  The wind forced the snow under the front door during the night.

Imagine waking up to this in front of your door and a nasty blizzard outside your door.  It does not make you want to go outside to play in the snow. LOL.

 One of the biggest improvements in life has been the ability to order in everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to computer equipment to medications.  Last night I had to get up around midnight because I'd been trying to download a digital issue of a magazine I subscribe to and could not do so any earlier.  There are so many magazines you can get either the hard copy, digital copy or both.  No more lost copies in the mail, no more magazines arriving looking like the post office played soccer with your copy, No more storage issues.  So nice. I do not have to leave my house to collect my magazines.

I can also get digital copies of most of the books I want to read.  I used to carry a backpack full of books but now I can carry more books, magazines, games, etc with me on my phone or my tablet.  Something so small and powerful that my mother has trouble believing what I have.  When she worked at a bank, the computer took a whole floor and was definitely nowhere near as powerful as my phone.

<grins>  One thing I've noticed is simply after a number of years of cell phones getting smaller and more compact and easier, the size seems to be growing and I saw some the other day that rival the size of my small tablet.  I admit it looks rather funny to see someone answering what at first appears to be a tablet.  I wonder when the trend will start to reverse?

What are your thoughts on the explosion of digital materials out there?

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