Monday, April 13, 2015


Today I thought about time travel and how you really can't travel into the future because the future is determined by the choices we make in life.
If I quit my job and moved to Fiji to live the way I want, that would give me one future.  If I robbed a store, my future would be different, so if I went to "the" future, it would be only one possible future and so if I went back to my own time, I could still make decisions that changed what I'd seen.
If you go back to a time that has already happened, there are two things that could happen.
1.  You would change things immediately by just being there
2.  You would change things because you do something that sends changes down the line.
It seems no matter which way you go, you'd change something in some way.  So many things to boggle the mind.

I also thought about teachers being like actors in that they have to entertain students for a period of time and keep them interested.  Teacher friends tell me it is getting harder and they have to create lessons that will engage the student, teach them the material, and have them retain the knowledge.  I heard about a class one university offered to teach acting to teachers.

You know, it does not help to have my mother tell me about all the things that are blooming down her way and all I see out the window is white, white, white,  and blue.  Someone I know uses the line - Alaska-where the sky is green and the ground is white........LOL  Some days that is soooo true.

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