Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring has spring with a vengence.

Friday, the department secretary announced to everyone when arrived at work.  "Spring is finally here.  the air smells different!" 
Her comments came back to me yesterday when I walked, slid, struggled, sank, or swished over to the Post Office.
Yes, I did all those things!!!
I woke up in the morning and checked the weather.  It was beautiful.  You could see the mountains out in the distance past the snow machine.

So later in the day I headed out to the PO in my regular mistake.  I wore my regular hiking boots, spring coat when I left the apt and I didn't get too far before I realized how nasty it was out there.

I had bits and pieces of song lyrics running through my head!
"Splishin and a splashin"

or "Slip sliding along"

None of the snow was solid.  It was either:
1.  Soft so I traveled sideways as I put weight on my foot
2.  Partially melted underneath so I sank to my knees.
3.  Wet and puddlly so I got everything wet from my shins down.
4.  Muddy under the standing water so the mud tried to capture my boots and pull them off.
5.  Icy and slushy so bits and pieces of ice fell down into my shoes.

By the time I made the complete round trip, my jeans were totally soaked, my shoes squished every time I took a step and I had to wring the excess water out of my socks before I went into the house.  I do not wear shoes in my house because it keeps the house cleaner, especially the socks.

One of my co-workers tried to fly in yesterday and she could not make it.  It was not the weather that prevented her arrival, it was the ground.  Apparently the gravel runway was too mushy to land on and she will hopefully get back today!

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