Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter Island

I woke up to a total white out today.  Actually, I woke up to a call from someone from work asking me if a meeting should take place.  I was thinking "Of course, why call me?  I am not the boss!"  He explained there were 44 mile an hour winds with total white out.  I looked out the window and I couldn't see anything.  I think I muttered something like "Yeah, postpone it and went back to bed.  I just got up and looked out the window. It is still nasty out there. 
When ever we have a total whiteout like this, I immediately pick out a place that has no snow and would take me away from this reality. 

Sunset on Easter Island

This time it is Easter Island.  I had a friend, who has since passed on, who actually visited Easter Island.  He told me all about the visit.  It sounds like a cool place to visit.  I remember pictures of those heads from textbooks when I was growing up.  It wasn't until my friend mentioned his visit that I even thought about the idea that maybe people lived there. In school they only mentioned the statues, never that the island was inhabited now.  At 12 or 13, you don't think about things like that.

I just looked up Easter Island to find out more about it.  Turns out you can fly there from Chili, Peru or Tahiti.  There are several hotels to stay at and lots to do.  I found there is even an website for the island.  I wonder how many people have a visit to Easter Island on their Bucket list?  I wonder if I could get a job there like others who get jobs teaching or such so they can travel the world.  Hmmmmm, this is something worth looking into. 

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