Thursday, April 9, 2015

Submarines and spring

Since hubby is coming with me in June, I wanted to find something for him while I'm presenting.  He isn't much into a see it all in 5 hours type deal but I did find a submarine tour so he can see all the underwater life, coral and other oceanic flora and fauna.  By training he is a computer scientist and geologist so he gets into science and so this is something he'll like.
Now I admit it is something I would love to do.  Never did it when I lived there.  Of course!!!  We leave the touristy things for tourists when we are young and teenagers.  I was more into enjoying the boys and the beach than being caught dead doing something only those folks with the weird shorts and cameras were doing. 
When I took my youngest over a couple years ago, I did sign us up for a tour to the Polynesian Cultural Center so she could see something she might never get a chance to see again. For me, it was a shock seeing all those changes.  I think I found a new meaning to Cultural Shock!  Wow.  I think I prefer my memories of what was.  More intimate and friendly.
On the other hand, it is now spring up here in the village, with frequent snow and melting slushy snow on the ground.  Hopefully, well maybe not, the snow will be gone within the next month and then we'll have a lovely batch of thick, gooey, stick to your boots and grab them kind of mud.  Once everything has melted including the lake (the lake freezes solid in the winter and we use it as a short cut) we will see young men use their snow machines as jet-skies.  If they apply enough power, they can actually skim across the lake.  Occasionally, they make it all the way across but usually, they end up running out of ooomph and sink.  If I can, I'll try to get pictures of it.

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