Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cross country skiing

I woke up this morning to see it had snowed overnight. 

When I saw the snow covered porch, I thought about the group of people who came out to give the local kids a chance to learn how to cross country skiing.  It happened over a week and the kids were thrilled.  In addition to teaching the students during their P.E. they also had sessions after school.  So many kids showed up that they had to take turns. 
One day there was a nice breeze blowing and the students took advantage of it. The breeze was blowing from the softball field (never been used for softball) towards the store. The kids held open their jackets and used the breeze to propel them across the frozen lake. It was fun watching them fly by. I didn't have any mobile devices with me or I would have snapped a picture.
There has been some cross country skiing in the past.  There was a teacher who ran some skiing but it wasn't done in P.E.  The guy who was running it, skied to the next village over one time.  I don't know how long it took him.  Last year someone else offered it and regularly ran it after school.  This year, I think there will be more interest. 
The picture you see is taken from my front porch this morning.  The view is towards the new airport.  Those two buildings in the distance are not terminals, they are storage buildings for the heavy equipment used to clean off the gravel runway.  If you are wondering how things work out here as far as plane service goes, its not very complex.  We have VHF's out here. The pilot calls in to the agent and everyone listens in on the VHF (Kind of like the old fashioned party lines).  If it is the correct airline (we have two), you listen for how far out they are and then head to the airport about 10 min before the plane is due to land.  At the airport, you hand the luggage over to either the pilot or the agent and they load the plane up after they have unloaded all the freight, mail, and passengers.  Then the ones who are leaving board the plane and off they go.  Unfortunately, there are times when the available seats are not available due to the planes not being able to land in another village on the circuit.  Sometimes the planes go to three villages, sometimes straight here and back.  That is why having a paid ticket is better because then you are guaranteed a seat over someone with just a reservation. It is nice because no one goes through any security until they get to the hub and have to take a major airline.  If they take one of the small airlines, they skip security all the way to Anchorage.

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