Thursday, April 30, 2015


Art is not always a painting hung on the wall or a print of a famous piece of art work next to the bookcase.

For some people, paradise is going to Fairbanks, Alaska to compete in the World Ice Art Championships.  People from all over, Russia, Japan, the US, Europe etc. come to change blocks of ice into fantastic art.  Not just sculptures, but intricately carved in full detail.  During the day, you see the ice clearly but at night, when then lights are turned on, the sculptures come alive and become total fantasy.

These artists  start with a design and one or more blocks of ice.  it looks like it might be easy to  create these sculptures, people spend time planning the design, the technique to be used, number of people, tools, etc. After spending a couple  of weeks working on their art using saws, chisels and any other tools that will their visions to life, the park is opened so these pieces of fantasy can be seen by everyone.

The artwork may range from serious to whimsical but it is a competition so people come here to compete against each other for awards in the single, double and multiple block categories. It is not easy when you are spending several days working outside in temperatures that are in the -30 to -40 (C or F doesn't matter, its cold!) range.  Personally, I hate being out in temperatures like that but these folks are determined and are definitely artists of the highest

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