Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I had a whole different blog set for today but the internet at my house decided to misbehave and it didn't get saved so I couldn't post it at work. 

When I was little, about five, we lived on the island of Maui.  My dad was working at the local college.  I think he worked in the astronomy dept because I remember getting to check out the telescope.  At the age of five, the telescope probably looked much larger than it was.
The college was located right next a pineapple field. 
When they harvested pineapples, my sister and I would wander out and ask to "borrow" a couple pineapples.  My dad said the pineapples were almost as big as my sister......LOL.
 Image result for Lauhala plant

There is a plant in Hawaii called Lauhala.  It grows upward and has a fruit that visitors often mistake for pineapples.  I've heard visitors exclaim about pineapples growing in trees. 

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