Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mutter, Mutter, Mutter

To paraphrase someone "My kingdom for reliable internet!"  I have two different posts I have been trying to post for a couple of days.  The issue is that every time we have a nasty wind or blizzard.
Yesterday, when the blizzard hit, I couldn't even see the railing and by the time it finally wound down, we had about 6 to 7 inches dumped due to a late spring storm.   Whenever blizzards hit, strange things happen.  Two storms in a row, a wire coming into the apt building broke and everyone lost half the power to their apts.  I was fortunate, I still had the fridge, freezer, and TV working.  My washer went down with laundry in it and the dryer quit working along with the power to the hallway and to my bedroom.  I ended up rigging an extension cord from my bathroom to my bedroom so I had light.
The other thing, that can happen, is the internet gets fuzzy.  It arrives by satellite dish, is relayed to the router and broadcast but a nasty storm can readjust the dish a bit so the signal does not work as well as it should. 
Today, paradise would be internet that works fast, does not restrict me to downloads between 10 PM and 6 AM.  I love when I travel, the internet in most airports is so much faster and more reliable then what I have here.
I have aspirations to make my writing more well known, even to the point of regularly publishing books but its hard to do when you don't know if your upload actually makes it the first, second or even 15th try.  I want to create apps and interactive books but again I feel constrained by the health of my internet.
Even at work it is nasty and not always reliable.  They block things and make it harder to upload things from there. I have dreams and aspirations for what I want to accomplish.  I am hoping I can publish the two entries I have waiting.  One is on art and one is on driving.  Only time and the internet gods will tell.

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