Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blogging, circles, libraries.

This morning, I woke up to a beautifully sunny day so I thought I'd share a picture of it with you. In the meantime,  I'll share some thoughts I have on blogs, circles, groups, etc.  In a sense all of these are replacing the library, printed newspapers, diaries, etc.  When my mother was a girl, she had a diary that she wrote her thoughts, desires, wishes, and other things.  She said she had a lock on it so no one could read it.  Now we post thoughts in blogs for everyone to share.  We have few secrets. 
I belong to several communities on google because I can get ideas to use at work faster than we can get a book into the local library and before it is out of date.  Information is changing so fast, the old fashioned library has had to change.  The library in my mothers town offers all sorts of activities including minecraft, raspberry pi, computer trouble shooting for seniors, and other things.  The building is not all that big but they rely on interlibrary loan for any books they do not have.  In fact, one of the college libraries in the state loans out digital copies of books so you do not even have to go in to borrow it.  This cuts down on having to set a book aside for a class and have students borrow it for a reading assignment.
Many of today's newspapers have digital versions you can read on line.  Every so often, I look up things in the newspaper my parents get at their house.  My dad said he loves reading the local newspaper to find all the errors they make.  He said students should read the newspaper and make corrections.  It would be an ongoing assignment....LOL

Now for the picture. It was taken around 9 AM this morning.  Although it looks pretty sunny and clear, there is a wind blowing out there.  I think the one reason you do not see any flying snow is simply that all the loose snow got blown away, yesterday and Friday.  Off in the way back, there are four wind generators.  These wind generators help produce electricity so that the cost of power does not go up.  The power plant in town runs on gasoline which has to get barged into town.  The gas at the station goes for around $6.35 per gallon.  I know, I know, some of you pay way less than that but that is not too bad.  There are places in Alaska, where it can be up around $11 or $12 per gallon. 
Tomorrow, I hope to have a picture of the local type of drum used in dancing.

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