Friday, April 24, 2015


Up in Fairbanks, I love visiting Hot licks which is across the street from Buns on the Run and Beaver sports. 
Hot Licks!!!!!  a name that conjures up some interesting images and makes you wonder what they offer!!!
It has even made a magazine as one of the top 25 in its classification nationwide!  Made a news magazine and that is impressive.

HOT LICKS is an artisan ice cream maker. In other words, they make small batches of ice cream so that each one has the attention and detail.   They use the best ingredients they can and they buy locally if possible.  In the summers they always have a sign in the windows of their small pink building telling locals they want to buy blueberries and cranberries for some of their signature flavors like Aurora Borealis or Arctic Refuge Wildberry Snap.  MMMMMMMMMM
As soon as I get to town, I always want to stop through there and pick up something.  They have a great selection of ice cream.  Some flavors include some sort of Ale or Lager from the local micro brewery, while others are a bit more creative than my taste buds like.  I enjoy green tea ice cream but I drew the line at Asparagus.  One of the hot lick flavors
Yes you heard that right!  Asparagus!  It was a lovely shade of green but didn't appeal to me. Others said it was great.  I love one called ginger sprinkles.  It is vanilla ice cream with bits of chocolate and chunks of candied ginger mixed in with it.  mmmmmmmm.  They don't offer it that often but when they do I go for it. 
Maybe I'll tell you more about Buns on the Run in a future post. <grins> 

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