Friday, April 17, 2015


I have a dream of going to Tahiti since I first heard that Robert Louis Stevenson lived there.
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I've been to some of those presentations where they try to sell you lodgings at a bargain if you join their organization.  You know the ones, they are like the folks selling time shares, except you buy the ability to get hotels or condos for a reduced price. I went to one where they showed us pictures of an "exclusive" resort.  I know personally, I prefer the older hotels, the ones that the locals stay at.  Those can be so much more fun.
I seldom sign up for a tour of anything.  I prefer taking local transportation, renting a car, or bicycling round to see what I want to see.  One place I'd love to see when I get to Tahiti is Radio Tahiti, the international shortwave station.  I've heard them over the air before and I'd love to see where the station.
I want to see where Paul Gaugain the painter stayed while he lived there.  Perhaps take time to see where Robert Lewis Stevenson lived while he was there.  I did a quick web search and found that people like Herman Melville, James Norman Hall (Mutiny on the Bounty), Jacques Brel (singer) all visited there at one time or another.
I want to take dance lessons.  There are two types of dance.  One is the one most of us think of when we hear Tahiti with the fast hips and the other is more like we think of when we hear about hula.  I want to learn both.  I enjoy the music I've heard off of recordings. 
Next step, figure out how to get this dream to come true.  I am often afraid that when I make my dream come true, the reality will not be as good.

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