Sunday, June 28, 2015


Outlet, Sockets, Plug, Power, EnergyI am sitting in the middle of the D concourse at the SeaTac Airport.  It's about  6:20 in the morning and I've been watching the Denver bound plane board.  I am sitting at a small desk like area that is big enough to seat four people on each side and/or handle up to 8 devices charging.

Up to now, I've seen the chairs that have a small electrical  box between alternating pairs and are only scattered around the waiting room.  If you are lucky, you are able to snag such a seat.  In other places, such as the Philadelphia airport, you find a plug in the wall and sit down next to it on the floor. 

 I have never seen tables like this but I absolutely love the one I"m at.  Its big enough to have some privacy and I have a perfect view of the boarding gate, the bathroom, the water fountain and I can get some work done. 

This is paradise for me, not having to fight others for electrical plugs.  Of course it could be due to the early hour.  My first flight left at 5:00 AM and I am waiting for my next flight due to leave in about two hours.

The best thing about my next flight, besides getting bumped up to First Class, is the plane has electrical plugs and USB ports so I have power all the way to Chicago.  I still carry my small power chargers just in case but it is great to know I don't have to carry enough power or devices to survive a cross country trip.   Yeah!!!!!!!!!

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