Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Outrageous Acts of Science

Last night I watched two hours of Outrageous Acts of Science on the science channel.  It was awesome.  The shows look at video clips that have gone viral on the internet and have several scientific or mathematical authorities to comment on the particular clip to predict if it is faked or real.  The experts identified most fakes but there were a couple real clips they had trouble with.  The scientists give the actual reasons for why it is a fake.

Elephant, Africa, African ElephantExamples of some of the clips included showing an Elephant taking and eating a cell phone and then the owner of the elephant finding the phone, intact, in the poop.   The scientists called it a fake because the elephant has huge molars designed to crush woody materials and these same molars would crush the cell phone.  In addition, the cell phone would have been drowned in water and also soaked by stomach acid.

Great White Shark, Shark, Jaws, FishThere was one where a guy who ran into a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbor and made it out without being attacked. One of the biologists stated that the clip was not real because every shark has identifying marks on their tail fins.  Turns out there were two sharks in the video.  The scientist noted the tail fins having two different patterns which are like fingerprints for people.  He showed the clips with the tails circled so he was able to prove it was a fake.

There was a third hour but I decided I had best go to bed.  Still I loved every minute of it because the scientists took time to explain the science and math involved in each clip.  I learned several things.  I kind of wish I had cable at home so I could get the science channel.

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